Global Management and Local Resistances

Routledge Advances in Sociology, 2015. 

This book originates from a research project involving extensive collection and analysis of primary and secondary materials (scholarly literature, statistical data, and interviews with key actors) on global management and local resistances in all major world regions during the last years. It seeks to assess the overall management situation in the world, looking at the world as a social system where some countries act as winners of socioeconomic globalization, others as losers, and some combining positive and negative aspects.

Selected Table of Contents

1. Globalization: A Challenge for Management Practices in Worldwide Enterprises Ulrike Schuerkens

 Empirical Case Studies on the Implementation of the Globalized Management Discourse 2. The Rise of Management Education in Post-Socialism Nina Bandelj  3. New Working Norms and Social Relations in Poland: The Example of a Transnational Company  Antoine Heemeryck 4. A New Model of Risk Management: Credit Lending to Small and Middle Enterprises: Calculations, Guarantees, and Information Gathering in 21st Century Russia  Caroline Dufy  5. “Coca-Cola Quit India”: Resisting Corporate Social Responsibility as a Global Management Strategy  Krista Bywater  6. Ethnography of a Corporate Document: The Diversity and Social Cohesion Brochure of a French Corporation: The Ethnographic Journal of Tristan d’Inguimbert  Michel Villette

Resistance Movements to the Globalized Management Discourse  7. Resistance Against New Working Practices in the Service Sector in Turkey  Esin Gülsen  8. Precariousness and Resistance: A Case Study of a Supermarket and a Hypermarket in Argentina (2008-2011) Julieta Longo 9. When Resistance Crosses Over the Workplace in a Context of Precarious Labor: A Study of the Invisible World of Agribusiness in the Limarí Valley, Chile Tamara Heran  10. Marikana’s Meaning for Crisis Management: An Instance of South Africa’s Resource Curse Patrick Bond  11. Keeping Neoliberal Economic Principles at a Distance: The Case of “Radical” Independent Presses in France  Sophie Noël

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Ulrike Schuerkens (2018, 4 décembre). Global Management and Local Resistances. ManaGlobal : Globalized Governance Norms and Local Business Practices. Consulté le 21 mai 2024, à l’adresse

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