Social Changes in a Global World

Ulrike Schuerkens presents an in-depth exploration of social transformations and developments. Combining an international approach with up-to-date research, the book:

Has dedicated chapters on contemporary topics including technology, new media, war and terror, political culture and inequality

Includes an analysis of societal structures – inequality, globalization, transnationalism Contains learning features including: discussion questions, annotated further reading, chapter summaries, and pointers to online resources to assist with study

Table Of Contents:


Chapter 1: Social Transformations and Development(s) in a Globalized World

Chapter 2: The Sociological and Anthropological Study of Globalization and Localization

Chapter 3: Transformations of Local Socio-economic Practices in a Global World

Chapter 4: Globalization and the Transformation of Social Inequality

Chapter 5: Transnational Migrations and Social Transformations

Chapter 6: Socio-economic Impacts of the Global Financial crisis

Chapter 7: Communication, Media, Technology, and Global Social Change

Chapter 8: Global Social Change and the Environment

Chapter 9: Conflict, Competition, Cooperation, and Global Change

Chapter 10: Globalization and Social Movements: Human Agency and Mobilizations for Change

Chapter 11: Final Remarks: Social Change in a Global World


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