Aminu Mamman’s first impression of doing ManaGlobal research in Ghana

Africa is one of the most exciting, challenging and interesting places to do social science research. This is more so if one is exploring the interface between globalization and local business practices.

         ManaGlobal research project has provided researchers from the global north with the opportunity to experience the excitement, challenges and inspirations of doing research on the mother continent. I am taking this opportunity seriously. The following few lines is my brief first impression of my first secondment.

         Ghana as one of the ManaGlobal research sites has been argued as one of the “most African” countries on the continent. It boasts of one of ancient kingdoms and civilisation dating back centuries. It is one of the African countries that still retains its rich cultural heritage despite the onslaught of Globalization. Its foremost University, the University of Ghana, is one of the most renown and prestigious on the continent.

So, where best to pitch one’s tent to undertake social science research on the impact of globalization on hybridization and glocalization of management practice on the continent other than a country like Ghana? Like in many cities of African countries, in Ghana, tradition and modernity live side by side. Therefore, perhaps there is nowhere better to test the theories of globalization, localization, and hybridization than in Ghana.

         One of the most commonly cited challenges of doing research in Africa is the issue of access to modern libraries, educational infrastructure, and Information Technology that are essential for undertaking research. My experience at the University of Ghana can hardly be further from the truth. As the pictures below illustrate, the University is blessed with functional modern buildings and state-of-the-art library at a very high standard – at least from a developing country context.

There is also research culture within the University which makes it easier to undertake research. So far, I can categorically state that Ghana and the University of Ghana provide an excellent base from which to study globalization and its interface on local African business practice.

         This is a very brief background and my first impression of the context of doing research in Ghana. In my next blog post from the second secondment, I will be reporting on the context of doing business in Ghana and the extent to which foreign practices have impacted on the environment. These will be based on anecdotal evidence, since the research has just kicked off.

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Ulrike Schuerkens (2019, 17 juin). Aminu Mamman’s first impression of doing ManaGlobal research in Ghana. ManaGlobal : Globalized Governance Norms and Local Business Practices. Consulté le 17 juin 2024, à l’adresse

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